Minibeast bugs and snails

This week in reception we have been learning about snails. We enjoyed looking at some non-fiction books that told us lots of facts about snails. We then used our knowledge and wrote some facts onto our snail paper. The children all tried really hard and are really developing their writing. We have now put into place some red word vocabulary mats which contain red words up to their level along with check sheets which encourage children to check they have included finger spaces, full stops, capital letters and checked red words. They are beginning to use these really well and are becoming very mature, ready for Year 1.

We enjoyed creating some artwork in the style of the artist Matisse. We used different coloured squares to create a collage in the shape of a snail following Matisse’s art work. The children were very good at this and enjoyed being artists.

Celebration Assembly
Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to our celebration assembly. It was great to see children sharing their work with all the adults who were there. We hope you enjoyed looking at all of our amazing work and learning about the ladybird life cycle through our dance in the hall. Here are a few pictures from our morning:

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Sound of the week books:
Well done to everyone completing their sound of the week homework. It is lovely to see the different ideas people have to display the sound. At this stage it is good to encourage children to use the red words and words beginning with the letter sounds within sentences to develop their writing in preparation for Year 1.

Thursday 29th June:
Class Photos in the morning
Sports Day 1:30pm onwards (Please ensure your child has a plain P.E top that is their house colour- red/ yellow/ blue/ green with their name on)

Friday 30th June:
School Fair 3:00pm-4:00pm in the hall

Have a lovely weekend!





This week the children were very excited to see we had five caterpillars in our classroom. We have them in a special container in the classroom where we can check each day to see how much they have grown. The children are very excited to see them become butterflies. Not only do we have caterpillars in our classroom, there are hundreds on the trees at the bottom of the playground. We are not quite sure whether they will turn into moths or butterflies but we are all enjoying looking at how these are turning into their cocoons.

This week we had some eggs arrive in our classroom. The children knew straight away that these were chick eggs and that we will be growing them in our classroom. The children are aware that it takes 21 days for the chicks to hatch and we are counting down each day.

Dad’s Day
Thank you so much to all of the male relatives who turned up to celebrate Dad’s day with the children. It was great to see all the different games that were brought in and the children absolutely loved having you all here. It was great to see everyone joining and playing games with different adults. The children who did not have their adult there also worked really well and created models with Miss Vickers. We all had lots of fun!

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Have a lovely weekend- Enjoy the sunshine! 🙂

Mini beast Art

The Bad Tempered Ladybird Artwork
This week we were in the Art Studio with Mrs Johnston.

Day 1:
First of all we were introduced to Mrs Johnston and then we were split into two groups and sent on a hunt for clues. We were given clues to lead us to the next envelope. Within the envelopes were parts of a riddle which we had to solve. The children were all very good and enjoyed this. Our envelope clues lead us to the Art Studio and we discovered that we were learning about Ladybirds.

  • We watched a fact video that told us some information about ladybirds and then we played a game called Ladybird drive. We had to get into teams of 4 and our aim was to be the first to create the full ladybird. We had to roll a six on the dice to get the ladybird body to be able to begin the game. We all were very good at turn taking and looking carefully to see which part of the ladybird we could get from the number we rolled.
  • We listened to the story called ‘The bad tempered ladybird’ and joined in with the repeated refrains: “Hey you! Want to fight?”- “If you insist”- “You’re not big enough”
  • Throughout the story we were looking at how the time changed and the children were very good at identifying the time at o’clock.
  • We looked at ‘tints’ and ‘tones’. A tint is when white is added to a colour and a tone is when black is added to a colour. We used tints and tones with the colour red when creating patterns on paper.
  • We created ladybird models using Plasticine and practiced creating patterns using different media materials.

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Day 2:

  • We had a lovely role play area that had been set up with small worlds from the story. The children loved playing in the different areas.
  • We created puppets and used them to act out the story.
  • There were also lots of stations set up for children to create art with different resources.
  • We learnt about the life cycle of a Ladybird.
  • We created a tint ladybird and a tone ladybird.
  • We created a background for the ladybirds which we printed on with a potato.
  • We created ladybirds using collage materials.

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Day 3:

  • We created a dance to show off our knowledge of the ladybird life cycle.
  • We went ladybird hunting but did not find any ladybirds. We did find strawberries, slugs and snails though.
  • We created some lovely writing about the story.

Day 4:

  • Mrs Johnston showed us a picture of a black ladybird with two red spots that she had seen.
  • The children looked through the story and helped Miss Vickers and Mrs Johnston to create a new story about a ‘friendly’ ladybird. The children were able to give adjectives about the ladybird.
  • We went out and saw some ladybirds.
  • Some children sequenced the story and some children created their own ladybird story.
  • Some children gave the ladybirds their spots and details.
  • Some children went to bake.

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Sorry for the overload of information…we have been exceptionally busy this week!

Have a great weekend!

Bug Biscuits.

I had a lovely time baking bug biscuits with RBV this week. We discussed the importance of wearing aprons and washing our hands properly, before getting on with the fun stuff! These bugs are now in the freezer waiting for receptions celebration event on Friday 23rd June.

Fun in the sun!

This week we have had glorious weather and we have made the most of every bit of it. The children have enjoyed practicing Sports day and competing in their house teams when taking part in 3 competitive games.

On Thursday we went out for P.E and the children enjoyed working in house teams to practice hopping, skipping, jumping and balancing using apparatus. They were all very good at listening to the instructions about keeping safe in the hot weather. All of the children were keen to put sun cream and hats on and made sure they drank plenty of water.

Fun Friday!
Today was a very hot day and we decided to have fun with the water in the outdoor area. We had bubble wands with bubbles, paddling pool to splash out feet in and Miss Vickers was about with a water squirter and the children tried to dodge getting wet. Mrs Willis got us all an ice-pop treat for the afternoon to cool us down. The children and staff had a fabulous afternoon! Apologies that I do not have any photos- we were all having too much fun!

If this weather is to continue please ensure your child brings a sun hat, sun cream and a water bottle!

This week we have not sent home a new sound in the sound of the week books we simply ask that this weeks home work task is:

– play outside
– eat an ice lolly
– spot a plane
– do a cartwheel
– have a water fight
– find an insect
– read a book
– stay safe

Have a lovely holiday, see you in a week!

A pirate’s life for me

Pizza for Pirates
This week we read the story “Pizza for Pirates” which followed the journey of a child who took pizza on his pirate voyage. We decided that it would be a good idea to create our own pizzas. We wrote a list of ingredients and then we went into the cafe and made our own pizzas from scratch. The pizzas were very yummy indeed. When we returned we wrote the instructions of how to make the pizzas. The children all worked really well and enjoyed pizza making, here are some pictures below:

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Pirate Day
The children had the chance to dress up as pirates and they all looked brilliant! We played pirate games, danced and learnt some pirate songs, created pirate flags and lots more fun pirate activities. The children had a great day!

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– Please ensure children have their P.E Kit on a Thursday as they will not be able to participate if they do not have this. (We now advise you P.E Kits are kept in school due to adhoc Sports day practices)

– Please can you make sure all belongings and clothing has your child’s name in it. As the children all have the same belongings it is very hard to distinguish whose belongings they are if they do not have names on.

– Please complete sound of the week books at home and bring into school every Friday as this is helping to prepare children for the forthcoming year groups where they will begin to receive more home learning.

Thank you

Have a lovely weekend!

Shiver me timbers! Ship Ahoy!

This week the children enjoyed exploring our new pirate ship role play area. Some children helped Miss Vickers to paint the boat and add some brilliant sea creatures onto the waves which looks fantastic in the role play area. The children are enjoying playing the role of the pirates, wearing eye patches and masks, creating treasure maps and looking for treasure.

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We have really enjoyed the sunshine this week and have been in the outside area a lot. The children have enjoyed developing their bike ability skills, skipping, playing bat and ball, and some children found it funny showing Miss Vickers how to hula hoop and having competitions to see who could hula hoop the longest.

As the weather is becoming sunny and warm we would like to make sure the children are equipped for this. Please could you ensure:
– They have a sun hat/ cap (with their name clearly labelled.)
– A water bottle (with their name clearly labelled.)
– Sun cream which we would appreciate if you could teach your child to apply by themselves (with their name clearly labelled.)

P.E Kits to be kept in school please in case we have good weather and would like to practice for sports day. Thank you.

Have a great weekend!


Visit from the RNLI

Water Safety
This week we have been learning about water safety and how we should keep safe when we go to the seaside. The children have worked hard to create posters to show awareness of how to keep safe near the water.

RNLI – Royal National Lifeboat Institution 
On Thursday we had a visit from the RNLI who came in and talked to us about their job. They showed us the different boats used and the uniforms that the coastguards and life guards wear. The children thought Miss Vickers looked very funny wearing the coastguard’s outfit. After the talk we all had the chance to try on some of the uniforms and go in the rubber dingy boat which was lots of fun.

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Outdoors in the sunshine
What a glorious week it has been. On Thursday we went out onto the trim trail with Miss Vickers and practiced our balancing and coordination skills. It was great to see how children’s confidence has grown since the first time they went on the trim trail.

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Have a great weekend!

Lots of stories and fun in Reception this week!

Under the Sea

This week we have been learning about sea life and the sea creatures who live under the sea. We have some possible marine biologists in the making in Reception and we have learnt a lot from their interests in sea creatures and the understanding of the different species among the oceans. We looked through a PowerPoint of sea creatures and talked about each one, describing the size, what it looked like, what we think it liked to eat etc. We chose our favourite sea creature and drew a picture of it, labelling the picture to show the different features of the sea creature.

Commotion in the Ocean
We read the story ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ and talked about how the animals where described through a poem. We decided to choose a sea creature and describe them through our own style of poems. The children all did a fantastic job and were able to give lots of detail about their chosen sea creature.

Rainbow Fish
We read the story ‘Rainbow Fish’ and talked about how he made the other fish feel at the beginning and end of the story and also how he felt. The children were able to identify that when Rainbow Fish was being selfish and unkind he was very lonely but when he was kind he had lots of friends. We talked about what we are good at whether it is being kind, sharing, drawing etc. We wrote our name and what we are good at on a scale and created our own class Rainbow Fish to put on display.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!
On Friday we had our Story Cafe where we invited parents and our teddies to come along and listen to a very popular and well loved story book. We had lots of activities; acting out the story, going on a bear hunt in the outdoor area, making landscape collages and tasting jam sandwiches and teddy crisps like a teddy bear’s picnic. Here are some pictures below:

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Enjoy your bank holiday weekend!