Fun in the sun!

This week we have had glorious weather and we have made the most of every bit of it. The children have enjoyed practicing Sports day and competing in their house teams when taking part in 3 competitive games.

On Thursday we went out for P.E and the children enjoyed working in house teams to practice hopping, skipping, jumping and balancing using apparatus. They were all very good at listening to the instructions about keeping safe in the hot weather. All of the children were keen to put sun cream and hats on and made sure they drank plenty of water.

Fun Friday!
Today was a very hot day and we decided to have fun with the water in the outdoor area. We had bubble wands with bubbles, paddling pool to splash out feet in and Miss Vickers was about with a water squirter and the children tried to dodge getting wet. Mrs Willis got us all an ice-pop treat for the afternoon to cool us down. The children and staff had a fabulous afternoon! Apologies that I do not have any photos- we were all having too much fun!

If this weather is to continue please ensure your child brings a sun hat, sun cream and a water bottle!

This week we have not sent home a new sound in the sound of the week books we simply ask that this weeks home work task is:

– play outside
– eat an ice lolly
– spot a plane
– do a cartwheel
– have a water fight
– find an insect
– read a book
– stay safe

Have a lovely holiday, see you in a week!

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