Mini beast Art

The Bad Tempered Ladybird Artwork
This week we were in the Art Studio with Mrs Johnston.

Day 1:
First of all we were introduced to Mrs Johnston and then we were split into two groups and sent on a hunt for clues. We were given clues to lead us to the next envelope. Within the envelopes were parts of a riddle which we had to solve. The children were all very good and enjoyed this. Our envelope clues lead us to the Art Studio and we discovered that we were learning about Ladybirds.

  • We watched a fact video that told us some information about ladybirds and then we played a game called Ladybird drive. We had to get into teams of 4 and our aim was to be the first to create the full ladybird. We had to roll a six on the dice to get the ladybird body to be able to begin the game. We all were very good at turn taking and looking carefully to see which part of the ladybird we could get from the number we rolled.
  • We listened to the story called ‘The bad tempered ladybird’ and joined in with the repeated refrains: “Hey you! Want to fight?”- “If you insist”- “You’re not big enough”
  • Throughout the story we were looking at how the time changed and the children were very good at identifying the time at o’clock.
  • We looked at ‘tints’ and ‘tones’. A tint is when white is added to a colour and a tone is when black is added to a colour. We used tints and tones with the colour red when creating patterns on paper.
  • We created ladybird models using Plasticine and practiced creating patterns using different media materials.

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Day 2:

  • We had a lovely role play area that had been set up with small worlds from the story. The children loved playing in the different areas.
  • We created puppets and used them to act out the story.
  • There were also lots of stations set up for children to create art with different resources.
  • We learnt about the life cycle of a Ladybird.
  • We created a tint ladybird and a tone ladybird.
  • We created a background for the ladybirds which we printed on with a potato.
  • We created ladybirds using collage materials.

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Day 3:

  • We created a dance to show off our knowledge of the ladybird life cycle.
  • We went ladybird hunting but did not find any ladybirds. We did find strawberries, slugs and snails though.
  • We created some lovely writing about the story.

Day 4:

  • Mrs Johnston showed us a picture of a black ladybird with two red spots that she had seen.
  • The children looked through the story and helped Miss Vickers and Mrs Johnston to create a new story about a ‘friendly’ ladybird. The children were able to give adjectives about the ladybird.
  • We went out and saw some ladybirds.
  • Some children sequenced the story and some children created their own ladybird story.
  • Some children gave the ladybirds their spots and details.
  • Some children went to bake.

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Sorry for the overload of information…we have been exceptionally busy this week!

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Mini beast Art

  1. Laira came home to day desperate to tell me all about “all the lovely things I did at school today”. She has been really excited about all the artwork you have been doing. You’re very lucky to have this opportunity to do so many different and interesting things and I don’t mind a little bit of paint on the uniform if it means you were all having fun and getting messy!

    • I am so glad she enjoyed it. I agree it is a wonderful opportunity and it was great to use a whole range of different resources. Both myself and the children have had a fantastic week!

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