This week we have been looking at caterpillars and butterflies. We enjoyed creating our own life cycle of a caterpillar and know this very well. Throughout our week we read the story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and then we created a recount of the story. The children were able to retell the story very well and tried really hard with their writing.

In Reception we have had 5 caterpillars which we loved watching them wriggling around before turning into cocoons. Excitingly on Thursday when we returned from lunchtime, 2 of the cocoons had opened and we had two beautiful butterflies. The children were in awe and enjoyed looking at the colours on the caterpillars wings.

We also have eggs in Reception and have been counting down the days before the chicks hatch. Fingers crossed we will have chicks by next week- very exciting!

Thank you to everyone who came to support our stall at the Summer Fair- we hope you enjoyed it!

Have a good weekend!

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