A pirate’s life for me

Pizza for Pirates
This week we read the story “Pizza for Pirates” which followed the journey of a child who took pizza on his pirate voyage. We decided that it would be a good idea to create our own pizzas. We wrote a list of ingredients and then we went into the cafe and made our own pizzas from scratch. The pizzas were very yummy indeed. When we returned we wrote the instructions of how to make the pizzas. The children all worked really well and enjoyed pizza making, here are some pictures below:

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Pirate Day
The children had the chance to dress up as pirates and they all looked brilliant! We played pirate games, danced and learnt some pirate songs, created pirate flags and lots more fun pirate activities. The children had a great day!

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– Please ensure children have their P.E Kit on a Thursday as they will not be able to participate if they do not have this. (We now advise you P.E Kits are kept in school due to adhoc Sports day practices)

– Please can you make sure all belongings and clothing has your child’s name in it. As the children all have the same belongings it is very hard to distinguish whose belongings they are if they do not have names on.

– Please complete sound of the week books at home and bring into school every Friday as this is helping to prepare children for the forthcoming year groups where they will begin to receive more home learning.

Thank you

Have a lovely weekend!

Shiver me timbers! Ship Ahoy!

This week the children enjoyed exploring our new pirate ship role play area. Some children helped Miss Vickers to paint the boat and add some brilliant sea creatures onto the waves which looks fantastic in the role play area. The children are enjoying playing the role of the pirates, wearing eye patches and masks, creating treasure maps and looking for treasure.

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We have really enjoyed the sunshine this week and have been in the outside area a lot. The children have enjoyed developing their bike ability skills, skipping, playing bat and ball, and some children found it funny showing Miss Vickers how to hula hoop and having competitions to see who could hula hoop the longest.

As the weather is becoming sunny and warm we would like to make sure the children are equipped for this. Please could you ensure:
– They have a sun hat/ cap (with their name clearly labelled.)
– A water bottle (with their name clearly labelled.)
– Sun cream which we would appreciate if you could teach your child to apply by themselves (with their name clearly labelled.)

P.E Kits to be kept in school please in case we have good weather and would like to practice for sports day. Thank you.

Have a great weekend!


Visit from the RNLI

Water Safety
This week we have been learning about water safety and how we should keep safe when we go to the seaside. The children have worked hard to create posters to show awareness of how to keep safe near the water.

RNLI – Royal National Lifeboat Institution 
On Thursday we had a visit from the RNLI who came in and talked to us about their job. They showed us the different boats used and the uniforms that the coastguards and life guards wear. The children thought Miss Vickers looked very funny wearing the coastguard’s outfit. After the talk we all had the chance to try on some of the uniforms and go in the rubber dingy boat which was lots of fun.

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Outdoors in the sunshine
What a glorious week it has been. On Thursday we went out onto the trim trail with Miss Vickers and practiced our balancing and coordination skills. It was great to see how children’s confidence has grown since the first time they went on the trim trail.

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Have a great weekend!

Lots of stories and fun in Reception this week!

Under the Sea

This week we have been learning about sea life and the sea creatures who live under the sea. We have some possible marine biologists in the making in Reception and we have learnt a lot from their interests in sea creatures and the understanding of the different species among the oceans. We looked through a PowerPoint of sea creatures and talked about each one, describing the size, what it looked like, what we think it liked to eat etc. We chose our favourite sea creature and drew a picture of it, labelling the picture to show the different features of the sea creature.

Commotion in the Ocean
We read the story ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ and talked about how the animals where described through a poem. We decided to choose a sea creature and describe them through our own style of poems. The children all did a fantastic job and were able to give lots of detail about their chosen sea creature.

Rainbow Fish
We read the story ‘Rainbow Fish’ and talked about how he made the other fish feel at the beginning and end of the story and also how he felt. The children were able to identify that when Rainbow Fish was being selfish and unkind he was very lonely but when he was kind he had lots of friends. We talked about what we are good at whether it is being kind, sharing, drawing etc. We wrote our name and what we are good at on a scale and created our own class Rainbow Fish to put on display.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!
On Friday we had our Story Cafe where we invited parents and our teddies to come along and listen to a very popular and well loved story book. We had lots of activities; acting out the story, going on a bear hunt in the outdoor area, making landscape collages and tasting jam sandwiches and teddy crisps like a teddy bear’s picnic. Here are some pictures below:

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Enjoy your bank holiday weekend!

Fee Fi Fo Fum! This week we have been planting our own beanstalks.

This week in Reception we have read the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The children have really loved reading this traditional tale. We think the traditional tales should be read over and over again in the early years, they are great fun to read and the children love joining in with their repeated refrains such as “fee fi fo fum”. This week we have been learning about growing and have learnt that plants need sunlight, water and nutrients from the soil to grow. We learnt that the stem grows up towards the sun and the roots grow downwards into the soil. This week we have planted some beans and we are watching our beanstalks carefully to see if they grow up to the castle we have placed there. We hope we won’t have too many giants in our classroom!

Our planters in the outdoor area are looking beautiful and we have been talking about looking carefully after all the plants that are growing outside. We have been practicing using our looking eyes and not our picking fingers to look closely at the beautiful tulips. Mrs Willis has even spotted the start of our poppies growing. They really are magnificent when they grow. We are watching carefully to see them turn from seedlings into the poppy.

Some of the children decided to use the green bricks to create a beanstalk in our outdoor area. As they ran out of green bricks they continued using different colours and said that the beanstalk changes colour as it grows. Great imagination!

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Have a good weekend!


Another Busy Week.

First I must apologise for having no photos this week. I left my iPad at home😬. However we have still been very busy in the cafe!

Tuesday saw a ‘pass it on’ demonstration of delicious onion bhajis.

On Wednesday a group of children from 3DC made fruit crumbles and sold them on the playground. Were you a lucky customer?

Then on Thursday some of the students from 4DM used some of the ‘fuel for schools’ food to make Collcanon for their class mates. A traditional Irish recipe, using potatoes, cabbage and onions, it was enjoyed by the majority of Mr Moore’s class.

This morning we served coffee and tea both before Ahmed’s  assembly and for the open day of our September intake. Finally 4CC made jam tarts for their celebration event next Friday. They each made their own pastry and filled the tarts with plum jam made from the plums picked in our own orchard. A treat to look forward too.

Fun filled end to the Spring Term

Trim trail fun!
This week Reception went out onto the trim trail for the very first time. There were lots of different obstacles and challenges along the way. It was fantastic to see how brave the children were in challenging themselves to have a go! We all enjoyed it very much and can’t wait to go on it again now that we know how to use it correctly.

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Easter Church Service
On Friday we all had walk up to St Paul’s Church to have our Easter Service. A big thank you to Class 5SK who walked up with our class and helped the teachers to make sure we were safe walking alongside the roads. We had a fabulous church service and the children loved singing the Easter songs that we have been learning.

Parents Evening
It was lovely to share children’s work with parents this week and celebrate the progress they have made. It is amazing to see how much they have progressed so far and there is still another term left of Reception!

Mathletics and Reading Eggs are back up and running! Same passwords and usernames.

Have a lovely Easter break!

Spring has arrived!

Daffodil Painting:
This week the children painted daffodils by looking carefully at a pot of daffodils on the painting table. They looked very carefully at the colours and the shapes of the petals and produced some wonderful paintings. These will be seen on the front of Mother’s Day cards. The children then wrote carefully inside their cards for someone special to give their card to.

Pattern Making:

The children have enjoyed making patterns in all different areas of Reception. We have looked at some repeating patterns which the children have demonstrated. They have also used the peg boards to create images.

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We really enjoyed the end of the week where we ad lots of sunshine and could get out into the outdoor area. The children love looking after our guinea pigs ‘Custard’ and ‘Cream’.

Write a sentence:
It is brilliant to see the number of writing books that are coming in. We love celebrating the children’s writing and they are all so proud of this. If you have not yet started this with your child as you are unsure what to do, feel free to talk to any of our Reception team and we will explain ti. You can begin with building letters to create words and building from words to sentences. We are celebrating the children’s love of writing and encouraging this in every way we can.

P.E Kits:
Happy to say that those who have been long awaiting the school P.E Kits..they have arrived! Thank you for your patience and for those of you who rang up the P.E company and helped get the ball rolling with this.

Parents Evening:
If you have not yet booked a parents evening slot please ensure you do as this is a great time to celebrate your children’s work and achievements and find out their next steps.

Have a lovely weekend!

Science Week

This week we have been looking at a different sense each day as part of Science Week. ‘Taste’- We had breads from around the world to taste and decide whether we liked or disliked them. The options were; malt, pitta, tortilla and naan.

Here are some pictures of us using our taste sense in our bread eating challenge!!

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‘Smell’- We had five smell pots which we had to guess from the smell what was inside the pots and write down what we thought.
‘Hear’- We created a piece of artwork by painting using movement to the music.
‘Sight, Touch and Smell’-  On our trip to Harlow Carr we looked at how the gardens had changed since our last visit. While we were there we were introduced to ‘Onion’ who was very sad because he was smelly and his friends would not play with him. Our mission was to create some perfume to make him smell nice. We had to rub plants and smell them. Once we had decided which plants we wanted to use we put them into a pot and crushed them with ‘special perfume serum’. The children worked well and really enjoyed this.
Here are some pictures of our Harlow Carr Trip:

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Have a great weekend!